Original landscape: The Source of the Afton SOLD

I loved creating this painting. The view was discovered whilst out walking around Afton Reservoir in East Ayrshire. It can be reached from the small roundabout at New Cumnock. You would miss it altogether if you didn’t know it was there, as there is no through road.

Source of the Afton 80cm x 100cm, Sold

Julie H Winter works hard to capture the Scottish landscape and is totally inspired with the changing light and atmosphere in Ayrshire.

2 replies to “Original landscape: The Source of the Afton SOLD

  1. I have this painting and I love it so much. I look at it every day. My husband used to go there with his dad when he was small and lived in Cumnock. I love your work and bought a water colour today of Arran from Wellington gallery where I bought your painting.

    1. Awww,Tracy. Thank you so much for taking the time to tell me about your recent purchase at The Wellington Gallery in Kilmarnock. It is good to know how much you love my artwork. I have many locally inspired paintings in my wee gallery. I am sure you and your husband would love a look round it one day. Just above us there is a pub that has a menu for lunch on Saturday and Sundays! Call anytime on 01290 332548 to check we are around to welcome you.

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