Bespoke Painting Holidays



Explore the beauty of West Scotland

Whatever you are passionate about we can tailor your painting holiday to suit your needs. See some examples below.

Dates from June to November

Beginners and young adults are welcome to join in with the experience.

  1. 3 Days : Enjoy sketching and painting in the locality- The Hills, The City-Glasgow, or The Coast.
  2. 4 Days: Choose an area in which to develop a body of work.
  3. 7 Days: Explore a variety of resources including oil, acrylic, watercolour and textiles.

2 replies to “Bespoke Painting Holidays

    1. Hi Frances. To help me keep you informed, I wondered if you could tell me the area where you stay and what duration of painting holiday you are looking for. I have an oil painting day course that I am organising during July. I teach regularly on Wednesdays at The Wellington Gallery in Kilmarnock. I can also work on a one to one basis during a stay at our B&B in beautiful Glen Afton, East Ayrshire.

      It would also be helpful to find out a little about your previous art experience, the sort of medium you like to use and any influences, i.e. artists you admire, or styles you prefer.

      Kindest regards Julie.

      P.S. If you would like to email or text me, my details are as follow:

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